Common Problems/Solutions

External Theft/Internal Theft:
Often burglary that includes loss of materials or property, this could be at a home or business AND commonly internal theft of property or money at a business.

Free Business Security Evaluations:
Visiting a business, new or established, to provide an experienced evaluation of security challenges and observations.

GPS Solutions:
Using GPS to provide asset protection and develop information on stolen or missing property.

Missing Persons:
Investigating to determine the location of a missing person and providing that information.

Personal Security:
Bodyguard services for an individual or individuals during an event or outing, this could be simply be providing a peaceful experience.

Premises Check:
Providing house/business check or securing that location during a period of absence.

Property Evictions:
Will serve property evictions notices on difficult tenants.

Repeated Crimes:
Could be any type of criminal violation that seems to be ongoing with no apparent solution so far.

Security for Transport:
Providing physical security/personnel during the transport of valuable material.

Monitoring a location for the arrival of an individual or occurrence of an event.

Monitoring a location or individual and providing photos, video or information about related behaviors.

Unsolved Crime:
Investigating an unsolved crime and coordinating with the victim/family and appropriate law enforcement.

Wanted Persons:
Investigating to determine the location of a criminally wanted individual and arranging their capture.


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